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Last update 10.05.2020

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Catalogue for Human Chromosome 18.

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The mission of Gene-Centric Knowledgebase for human chromosome 18 is to represent, store and exchange of proteomics data for 275 protein-coding genes (UniProt, release 2015-11) in tabular form using the recommended by C-HPP format - heat map (Paik YK et al., 2012).

Knowledgebase consolidates public web-resources with proprietary experimental and predicted data, generated in course of Russian part of the "Human Proteome Project".

GenoCMS aggregates information from about 20 world public science web-resources and represents it in the section of chromosome 18:

  • Availability 3D structure and antibodies
  • Number of identifications in mass-spectoreter experiments
  • Number of interacting partners
  • Number of alternative splacing varians (ASs), post-translational modifications (PTMs) and single aminoacid polymorphisms (SAPs)
  • Number of related publications and papers supporting gene association with cancer
  • Evidence, trancription and expression Levels
  • Position on chromosome and subcellular localization
  • Protein molecular weight, gene and protein length
  • Disease relationship
  • Potential contaminants

The data of the mass-spectoreter experiments in five types of the biological samples are also provided:

  • Protein copies number per 1 uL of human plasma, number of reads per kilobase
  • Protein and transcript copies per liver cell
  • Protein and transcript per HepG2 cell, number of reads per kilobase
  • Synthetic proteotypic peptides
  • Protein copies per HeLa cell

The data predicted from published and proprietary experimental results by using "in silico" approaches is special section of the GenoCMS:

  • ASs, PTMs and SAPs
  • Novel exons and introns
  • Proteotypic peptides
  • Interacting partner obtained using method virtual co-precipitation

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