Gene-Centric Knowledgebase

Last update 10.05.2020

Pilot Version of Content Browser

The pilot version of gene-centric data browser supports the heat-map view of the 275 human genes, localized on the 18-th chromosome.

Following features are supported in current version:

  • toggling between heat-map and tabular view
  • selection of the descriptors to be displayed
  • management of the user-composed subsets of genes

Content Browser can be used in the Guest mode, or you can Register to be able to save proprietary subsets of genes.

Initial Release Launched

Each gene is described using the information consolidated from 12 resources, including UniProt, OMIM, PRIDE, GEA and others. Total number of descriptors in the release is 27.

Proprietary data in the release covers:

  • number of MRM-measure peptides in plasma, liver and HepG2 samples
  • protein concentrations (estimated by calibrated label-free method)
  • number of RNAseq reads per transcript
  • concentration of transcripts measured by RT-PCR